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Electric steering (EPS)

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EPS: The Missing Link of Your Range

Here some points of interest:

   It makes your company "One and Only"   
   Increases the loyalty of your customers
   Exponential and dramatical growth since 1990s

Why EPS?

Because it makes you "One & Only". An unfindable product makes your company with more visibility & increase the loyalty of your customers
EPS: Electric Power Steering

The steering system sector has made a fundamental change. The dramatic growth of Electric Power Steering (EPS), which was first seen in Europe in the late 1990s, results from significant design, economy and functional advantages over hydraulic systems. EPS uses an electric motor to power the system, removing any direct parasitic connection with the engine. EPS contributes to a fuel saving of between 0,2 and 0,3 litres per 100 Km. 
Today EPS has already overtaken traditional hydraulic systems. 

Our Services

A small number of product codes for a large circulating fleet:

   European car fleet: 230.000.000
   Vehicle in Europe equipped with EPS: 30.000.000
   Vehicle in Europe covered by our products range: 10.000.000

SERMEC therefore offers you:

   EPS Electric Power Steering reengineered. With 30 products you will cover 10 million vehicles.


   The possibility to flexibly manage the supply of EPS.
   The acquisition of new clients that previously used different commercial partners.

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